The Intersection of Real Estate and Blockchain Technology...

The Block Estates platform offers institutional grade tradeable investments with low minimums, high returns, security and increased liquidity.

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Block Estate
New Zealand

Block Estates is a blockchain platform for real estate backed digital securities offering access to tokenized investment portfolios.

Participate in, manage and trade legally complaint tokenized real estate investments in multiple locations globally from one account with the added benefit of increased liquidity.

Additionally, Block Estates will incorporate added functionality to facilitate asset management services.

The Future of Real Estate
Investment & Management

By utilising blockchain technology, asset tokenization and digital securities, Block Estates can quickly and efficiently create and launch investment opportunities and asset management services globally. Investors can participate in high yielding investments by purchasing Block Estates Digital Security Tokens from within their account dashboard.
Additionally, the securities will be listed on licensed exchanges to create secondary market trading opportunitites and increased liquidity. For asset owners and managers, the Block Estates platform will offer an innovative and unified way of managing and maintaining assets in a safe, secure and transparent way with the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Benefits of Investing

High Return
Invest from as little
as USD $250
Secondary Market
Investment liquidity
Accessible from a
single account
Safety of Digital
Token price
appreciation trough
Passive income and
wealth generation
from stable and
booming real estate
Legally Compliant
The Advantages of
the Block Estates

Fully Compilant

The Block Estates platform and digital securities will comply with existing regulations including KYC / AML, securities and corporate laws.

Profit Share

Participate in the first platform offering investors the unique opportunity to share in up to 100% of underlying asset profits.

Unique Transparency

The Block Estates platform and its assets will be continuously audited by external advisory firms. Audits review movement of funds, real world contracts and smart contracts. This data will also be accessible by investors.

Strong Business Model

Clear strategy of focussing on real estate investment and management via blockchain technology and backed by a highly experienced team from the finance, real estate and technology sectors.

Safety & Security

Platform funds and escrow accounts will be managed by independent external trustees and custodians with all funds being used strictly for real estate acquisition only.

Stable Markets

The Block Estates platform plans to operate in identified stable and established markets that have robust legal systems and stable governments.


Investors will benefit from a diversified portfolio of assets which is spread over several global locations. Furthermore entry to this portfolio will be via BLEST (Block Estates Standard) digital securities which will expose holders to global investments.


BLEST (Block Estates Standard) digital securities will be listed on licensed exchanges providing investors with trading capabilities. P2P trading will also be available within the user dashboard giving investors the option to buy/sell securities between one another.

Real Value

Block Estates Digital Securities will be safe, secure and backed by real estate assets. Block Estates Digital Management Securities will also be backed by real value as they will be pegged to a selected currency.