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Block Estates offers superior real estate investment opportunities through legally compliant digital security issues.

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Block Estate

About us

Block Estates is a next generation real estate investment platform which utilises blockchain technology to tokenize investments in real estate. Blockchain has the potential to transform the real estate investment market by simplifying access to investments and transfer of ownership, adding transparency, removing multiple layers of middlemen and administrative requirements, lowering costs, adding transaction safety and security, allowing secondary market trading and creating liquidity.

Our aim is to create easily accessible and liquid investment opportunities via a streamlined and legally compliant platform where investors will be able to invest in tangible, high return real estate investments. The Platform will be based on the Ethereum ERC20 Standard. The ERC20 standard is currently the most widely used blockchain protocol.

The Block Estates tokenization approach combined with the BLEST Standard and blockchain technology will offer a comprehensive and streamlined way to access and trade private investments in compliance with existing securities regulations.

y providing fast and efficient access to investments with trading and transfer capabilities, the Block Estates model lowers the illiquidity discount on private investments and unlocks previously inaccessible value.

Our goal is to give investors direct access to opportunities in domestic and international markets, where they can utilise their funds in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way. The Block Estates Platform implements strict fiduciary procedures that will be facilitated through the blockchain and smart contracts with all transactions being verified by and recorded on the Block Estates blockchain platform.


Q2 2019
Block Estates to close first round investment, secure sites for first STI and set up offices in the UK and US
Q3 2019 | Q4 2019
Block Estates to issue first STI, marketing campaign and completion of developing the phase 1 platform
Q1 2020
Phase 1 platform go-live with income producing assets revenue generating
Q2 2020
Product maintenance and commence Phase 2 service offering. Increase outreach through commercial initiatives
Q3 2020
Increase market share by allowing 3rd party companies to list their portfolios and use their marketing channels to promote the platform
Q4 2020 | Q1 2021
In-house completion of Phase 2 of the platform to bring tenant/letting management as a service
Q2 2021
Phase 2 revenue stream adding to Phase 1 to increase revenues. Open more offices in US and one in Australia. Second STI portfolio of assets secured and issued
Q3 2021
Devistment of Phase 1 assets with 55% NPAT distributed to token holders with the remainder reinvested
Global Real Estate
Facilitating global real estate investments and asset management. Incorporating automated functionality.
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain offers safety, security, transparency, speed and low costs. Combined with Block Estates innovative platform and compliance system.
New Asset Classes
Tokenized real estate assets, investments and vertical services which can be transacted between parties safely, securely and in real time. With all services being accessible globally.