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Block Estate

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Tokenization involves the use of blockchain technology to create, issue, manage, transfer and trade digital securities on private or public blockchain networks. Block Estates takes the process further by incorporating compliance requirements and investment details into the equation plus creating a secondary market for increased liquidity, hence providing a comprehensive and automated offering accessible through the purchase of real estate backed Security Tokens.

Security Tokens are effectively digital securities issued on blockchains that represent an underlying asset such as a unit, share, real estate etc. The Block Estates digital security symbol is BLEST (Block Estates Standard)

The Block Estates platform provides a seamless and intuitive user experience to take care of the entire process including onboarding, compliance, payments, investment access, trading, exit etc.


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Block Estates Tokenized Investments

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The Block Estates platform lowers the cost and fast tracks the process of launching tradeable tokenized investments whilst incorporating the applicable securities laws at each transaction.

By introducing trading capabilities through the use of an innovative blockchain platform, Block Estates offers investments with increased liquidity so investor capital does not have to be locked up for long periods of time.

This is achieved by creating a frictionless and seamless platform that based on a custom built protocol and which automates the entire process and establishes a secondary market by connecting buyers and sellers from around the world.

The comprehensive Block Estates platform allows investors to view the entire picture from within their account dashboard. Investors will have full access to all investment details including real world contracts and documents, smart contracts, investment activity such as perfomance, returns, updates. Additionally, investors can trade their digital securities directly from within their account. Block Estates provides all the services required from one location.

How it works

1 Real estate assets rights such as income and profit are converted into specifically created digital cryptographic tokens. The tokens (digital securities) will then be available to purchase as an investment through the Block Estates platform. Tokens will be issued in compliance with existing securities regulations.

2 Once investors have been whitelisted via self executing smart contracts they can then purchase tokens through their account dashboard. Tokens represent the rights to income and profits derived from the underlying assets with such rights transferring to holders.

3 Income derived from the underlying assets will be distributed to token holders. Investors also have the option of buying more tokens or selling their existing tokens through the secondary market.

Real Estate Tokenization Process